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Choosing a Blade Hand Dryer

Blade Hand Dryers

Although the first 'hands-in' hand dryer was the Mitsubishi Jet Towel, it was without doubt the Dyson Airblade which brought this different way of drying hands to everyone's attention.

The Dyson Airblade is without doubt, both the best-known and the most popular hands-in hand dryer in the UK - a position it has achieved through the innovative use of technology, the distinctive design and the 'coolness' of the Dyson brand. Now alongside the Dyson Airblade there is a number of other hands-in dryers which are contenders, and each of them merit serious consideration.

Although the first hands-in blade hand dryers were all ‘top-end’ in terms of pricing, the market has now filled out with much lower priced units. As you can see below, there are now some excellent quality blade dryers which may not be recommended for high-usage environments or carry 5 year warranties, but they will look great in your washroom and deliver an excellent drying experience.

As you can see, price and style can vary greatly, but they all dry your hands by ‘scraping’ the excess water from your hands. Many of them deposit this water into a hygienic internal drip tray, and some of them even allow air-freshening gels to freshen your washroom. Several also allow the heating element to be switched off for summer usage, or the motor turned down to reduce power consumption.

So from the JETBOX Blade (the cheapest blade hand dryer available in the UK) to the Dyson Airblade, there’s sure to be a blade hand dryer which matches your requirements. More information on these is available below, but if you need to talk through your requirements so you make sure you choose the right hands in hand dryer, please do call us on 01934 253600 - we're always happy to talk hand dryers.