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Zip Hydroboil

Zip Hydroboil

Zip Hydroboil - On-wall Instant Boiling Water Dispensers.


The Zip Hydroboil has become synonymous with instant boiling water in the work place. The familiar over-sink suppliers of instant boiling water for tea and coffee in the office seem to have been with us for a long time, although the range has been developed and extended  - with the new Hydroboil Plus delivering microprocessor controlled efficiency, and the Duo adding filtered, chilled water.

As millions of office workers around the world have found, the Hydroboil doesn't just reduce energy consumption, it dramatically reduces the time spent waiting for the kettle to boil - and in an office environment, that can equate to a huge monetary saving.

As to the differences between the ranges:

The Econoboil range represents extremely good value for money and is the entry level product. The standard Hydroboil offers a wider range and a better quality equipment finish, whilst the Hydroboil Plus has electronic control and therefore offers better efficieny than the analogue thermostatic technology of the other ranges. 

All 4 ranges are available in a number of different capacities, selecting the right one is simply a matter of deciding how many cups-per-hour you are likely to need.

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