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Electric Water Heaters

Electric Water Heaters

For reasons of cost, the environment, and changing legislation, electric water heaters are becoming more and more popular.

But unfortunately, there is a huge number of different types, capacities and styles to choose from, and it can all get very complicated, very quickly. We’re well-known for helping our customers find the right product first time, so they avoid expensive mistakes and we try to make this information as easily available as possible. So one good place to start is to click here to look through all our Advice Centre articles on water heating.

Or, if you know what type of electric water heaters you are looking for, go straight to one of these areas, and use the filters on the left side of the page to narrow down your search:

hot water cylinders
Electric Hot Water Cylinders

If you need a cylinder to store (and maybe also heat) your hot water then narrow your search down to all the different brands of cylinders we provide. We only work with the bet manufacturers, but the prices do vary, so if you are in any doubt that you are getting the best value, give us a call to talk it through.

on-wall water heaters
Wall-hung Water Heaters

Storage heaters which go on the wall (or sometimes below the sink) are ideal for workplaces and small homes, and can go up to 100 litres in capacity. Modern standards of insulation mean that their ‘standing heat loss’ is kept to a minimum, and so running costs are low. Most of these run at mains pressure, so you can get a strong flow rate without worrying about where they are situated.


Combi boilers, flow boilers, system boilers… it all gets very technical, so feel free to browse through this category, but also don’t be afraid to pick up the phone and get your questions answered immediately by our friendly team of experts who can make sure you are buying the right product, and that you are not spending money you don’t need to: remember, we carry many different brands and so we’re not going to force any particular brand on you if it is not a good fit.

Instantaneous Water Heaters

On-demand hot water when you want it, and it never runs out. Sounds perfect, doesn’t it! Instantaneous water heating is extremely popular and is indeed ideal in many situations. However, make sure that you can get the right flow-rate, have access to the right electrical connections and that your unit is optimally placed before making your purchasing decision – if in any doubt whatsoever, call one of our experts to check on 01934 253600.