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Choosing a Commercial Multi-deck Display Chiller

Multi-deck display chiller cabinets are used in many commercial catering and retail environments. Most commonly, they are in self-service, customer facing situations and are used to show off the food products at their best, and improve the retailing efficiency of the catering operation.

They are versatile enough that you will see them in ALL types of outlet, from corner shops to cafeterias and self-service restaurants to farm shops.

They come in a number of different widths, but the most common is 1m (1000mm) wide, and usually have the refrigeration unit in the base, so that the shelves do not go all the way to the floor.

When choosing the right one for your requirements, bear these things in mind:

  • Is it the right size – i.e. does it fit in to the space you have available, and will your customers still be able to pass by in front of it?
  • Does it have enough shelves and are they deep enough? Think carefully about what products you will be displaying, and how they will fit, in the right quantities so you are not constantly having to refill them.
  • Some units have adjustable shelves, and others are fixed – make sure this fits with what you need.
  • What happens when it is not in use? Some units come with a pull-down night blind, which serves 2 functions: it protects the contents from prying eyes (useful if the unit is visible through a shop window, for example) and it also acts as an insulating layer to help improve temperature loss at night. Of course, if neither of these are important (perhaps you are emptying the contents out each night, and the unit is not in a publicly visible place) – then don’t waste your money on these features.
  • If the unit is actually accessible out of hours, then consider a unit with a set of lockable, sliding glass doors.

Here's a selection of multi-deck display chillers:

 Zoin Danny Multi Deck Display Chiller 1000mm DC100B

At a compact 1 metre wide, and with an easy-clean white plastic-coted steel casing, the Zoin Danny Multi Deck display is ideal for smaller sites such as farm or corner shops as well as bakeries and cafes. It has 4 adjustable shelves and a fitted night-blind.


Zoin Artic Multi Deck Display Chiller 1000mm AW100B

The Zoin Artic Multi Deck stainless steel unit with 3 adjustable shelves over the bottom display tray and is also 1000m wide.

Automatic defrost (which means no down-time) and a night blind are 2 other useful features and its lowest operating temperature is 4 degrees.




Polar Multideck with Lockable Sliding Doors

Slightly narrower, at 918mm, this includes LED lighting and lockable sliding doors which improve efficiency as well bring extra security. The unit includes castors, and is a solid, robust unit.

Power consumption is 1300w, and total capacity is 390 litres.



Polar Double Door Display Fridge 944 Ltr CD984


Ideal for pubs, clubs and shops, this large (944 litre capacity) unit is suitable for both customer-facing and back-of-house situations. It has self-closing, lockable doors and can be set as low as 2 degrees Centigrade.




Should you need any more information or advice or just want to have a chat about multi-deck display units, feel free to call one of our experts on 01934 253600 or find us online at