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Food prep equipment in commercial kitchens: Our top choices

Although requirements vary in each commercial kitchen, we have chosen our favourite and most useful kitchen gadgets that will save you time and money.

  1. Blender – These are probably one of the most useful and universal products on the market. These blenders range from your traditional worktop blender such as the Kitchen Aid Blender, to a more modern stick blender which vary from a smaller model to the heavy duty stick mixers.
  2. Burger Machine – If you’ve ever compared the difference in taste between a homemade burger and a frozen one you will know how much they vary in taste. With a little help from a hamburger machine you will have perfectly made burgers in a matter of seconds.
  3. Spice Grinder – I had always wondered how Indian restaurants made their dishes tasting so fresh and authentic, after some research I learnt that it was from the fresh spices they grind in house. These spice grinders can be used not only for Indian dishes, but for chilli con carnie, risottos, Italian pastas, Mexican dishes along with many more.
  4. Vacuum Pack – Sometimes good old cling film doesn’t always keep food at its optimal freshness. If you’re after a solution that will keep food fresher for longer then take a look at our vacuum packs.
  5. Milkshake Mixers – Have you ever wondered how cafes and restaurants make the most delicious shakes? The simple answer is they use a milkshake mixer. If you want to join the ultimate freakshake trend then you need a milkshake mixer!
  6. Sausage Stuffer – To get the unique and different sausage flavour be sure to make your own sausages with our top selling sausage stuffer.
  7. Vegetable Preparations – Kitchen staff that are tired with endless slicing often opt for a vegetable preparation machine.
  8. Ice Cream Maker – Imagine all of the adventurous flavours of ice creams and sorbets you can make with your own machine. Or why not branch out to the newly rising dairy free audience and make your own dairy free ice creams in numerous flavours.
  9. Cheese Grater – purchase a cheese grater and save yourself hours of time as well as no more achy arms!
  10. Meat Mincer – with the help of a mincer you can make fresh mince with any cut of meat from any animal. Use a mincer along with a burger machine and you will have the freshest burgers in town.
  11. Meat Slicer – The only way to get those flawlessly sliced cuts of meat every time is to purchase your own meat slicer.
  12. Potato Peeler – Are you fed up with peeling hundreds and hundreds of potatoes? Click here is view a potato peeler that can get through an impressive 250kgs of potatoes per hour- that’s 100 bags of standard potatoes!
  13. Dough Mixer – If you want to get perfect dough every time, look no further than here.

If you have any more questions or require more information on food preparations or any other commercial catering products please call us on 01934 253600, alternatively chat to one of our friendly members of staff below on the online chat feature or email us on