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Electric Hand Dryers

  • Green Eco Hand Dryers the Range

    The Green Eco hand dryer category has got a range of different hand dryers, from hands in to hands under. There are currently seven different types of hand dryers in this category, with the price ranging from £107 ex VAT to £322 ex VAT. These are all very good simplistic designed dryers, which good performance.

    The hands in model is one of the fastest and most economical automatic hand dryers. It has got a 10 second drying time, which competes with all the hand dryers on the market. Therefore, making this a fantastic alternative to the very popular Gorillo Ultra hand dryer. This automatic high speed/low energy hand dryer. Has been designed to be used where speed and comfort of drying is paramount of importance. The Jet Dry Plus has got 2 speed & 2 heat setting adjustability and is £322 ex VAT.

    One of the most popular hands under dryers in the green eco hand dryer category is the Fast Dryer which is £208 ex VAT. This is one of the fastest and most economical automatic hand dryers available today. This hand dryer has got a 10-12 second drying time, which competes with all the hand dryers on the market. This has proven to be a very good hand dryer, as it is re-branded by lots of different companies. Check out the white one here (one of our best-selling hand dryers).

    Also in the Green Eco stable is what is seen as the traditional button (manual) hand dryer. Which is called the Model T24M hand dryer. This hand dryer is compact and quiet and it is ideal for any small executive washrooms. This is the traditional nozzle dryer shape, with the traditional push button, this is an automatic hand dryer. It is a very high-quality hand dryer that is robust, therefore making it great for use in leisure and other commercial environments.

    For any more information on the Green Eco hand dryers or anything else we have on our site, feel free to give us a call on 01934 253600 or you can email us
  • Best Budget - dryer - the JETBOX Junior?

    The JETBOX range of hand dryers consists of 3 dryers. The JETBOX Junior which is one of the best if not the best budget dryer on the market. There are another two in the range on mid-range hands under dryer. The third one in the range is a hands in dryer which is the cheapest hands in dryer on the market, with an amazing drying performance. Continue reading

  • New Hand Dryer Buying Guide – 2017 version now released.

    Free ebook on how to buy the best hand dryer for your requirements.The Hand Dryer Buying Guide was originally released at the start of 2016 with the intention of making sure purchasers of hand dryers were fully clued up on what they were about to buy. Continue reading

  • ETL Listing Achieved by JETBOX Eco

    The JETBOX Eco high speed hand dryer is now officially listed on the UK Government’s Energy Technology List (ETL) in the hand dryer category. This means that all purchases qualify for improved tax treatment, allowing the full cost to be written off as a valid business expense against corporation tax in the first year of ownership. Continue reading

  • What is the Dyson Airblade Warranty?

    WarrantyThe Dyson Airblade warranty offered by Dyson is an important factor to consider when purchasing your new hand dryer, and because it varies according to the model of Airblade, it can be a bit confusing. Below, we set out exactly which model carries which Dyson Airblade warranty, and how to make sure you can take advantage of the warranty cover if you need to. Continue reading

  • Diamond Dryers - the new range

    Diamond Dryers - the new range

    Diamond Dryers range is one of the newest range of hand dryers on the market. It is the latest range of hand dryers from FW3, the Diamond Dryers are unique and are very different to any other hand dryers that is on the market.

    The Diamond Dryer is a small compact hand dryer, that is ideal for small washrooms as it doesn’t take up much space (Dimensions: H – 136 x W – 272 x D – 123).  Continue reading

  • Why does everyone want a Dyson Hand Dryer?

    Dyson Airblade HU02Everyone seems to want a Dyson Hand Dryer. It is the most searched-for and most talked-about hand dryer in the UK – so what is it about the Airblade which gets everyone so excited? Continue reading

  • Free Warranty Upgrade on All Mitsubishi Hand Dryers

    WarrantyThrough Electrical Deals Direct, you are now able to obtain a free upgrade of the Warranty on all Mitsubishi Hand Dryers purchased from today onwards. Usually this warranty is set at 3 years, but we are now able to offer it for a full 5 years from the date of purchase. Continue reading

  • Low Energy hand dryers: Are they always a good idea?

    Low energy hand dryersThe market is full of Low Energy Hand Dryers – any manufacturer releasing a new product would be crazy to position their product in any other way. But is the rush for the lowest possible power consumption on a hand dryer a sensible thing? Continue reading

  • Why do many modern hand dryers have a blue led light?

    jetbox-blueLately, more and more modern hand dryers are launched that have a blue led light on the underside which illuminates when the dryer is being used.

    Dryers that have this feature include the JETBOX Eco, certain dryers from Biodrier, Handy Dryers, and several others. Continue reading

  • The Bremmer Range - A Quick Overview

    The Bremmer Range

    The Bremmer range is very well known, especially their budget XLerator – the Airblast. The range covers as many types of common and popular hand dryer, most of them being a budget version, or a direct competitor to the market leaders.

    Airpure Max

    The Airpure Max hand dryer from Bremmer utilises the increasingly Bremmer Airpure Maxfavourable HEPA filter. The HEPA filter cleans the air as it is cycled through the hand dryer, increasing cleanliness for the user. Bremmer claim that the hand dryer is only 550W when the heater is switched off, which is only 50W higher than the popular XLERATOReco.

    Continue reading
  • Loud hand dryers - what can you do?

    Hand Dryer NoiseLoud hand dryers cause problems. In schools, nurseries and public areas such as shopping centres, small children are often frightened of them. In business situations they can disrupt meetings if washrooms are next to meeting facilities. In village halls they can disrupt events and performances. Continue reading

  • Warner Howard EL600 - Hand Dryer Data Sheet

    el600_frontOver the past few years, Warner Howard has grown its reputation by being the provider of the Airforce hand dryer - one of the most popular - and recognisable - hand dryers in the UK.  Pubs, restaurants and corporate washroom all over the country have deployed the Airforce and have been extremely pleased with the price and the performance. Continue reading

  • The Mitsubishi SMART Jet Towel Hand Dryer - Datasheet

    smartThe new 'hands-under' dryer from Mitsubishi is what the top end of the market has been waiting for. It addresses all of the issues of the Dyson V dryer, and comes out on top. Quieter, lower energy consumption, very fast dry time - and yet cheaper to buy and operate. We have no hesitation in recommending this dryer for almost any environment. Continue reading

  • Jet Towel Smart Diagnosing Faults

    smart_silver_1_1Jet Towel Smart Diagnosing Faults:

    The Mitsubishi Jet Towel Smart has got a lot of unique and great features. Which makes this and their range of dryers world leading in many different areas and elements. One of the areas that Mitsubishi stand out way above of other manufactures is reliability. One of the features that they use on their dryer to improve reliability is a fault detecting light, Jet Towel Smart Diagnosing Faults. Continue reading

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