Zip Celsius Arc Tap

It is finally here, the new additions to the Celsius Arc range. Two new taps that we have all been waiting for is now available in the Zip Domestic Celsius Arc range. This is the one tap solution that you need in your kitchen. Boiling, Chilled and Sparkling filtered water with normal Hot & Cold mixer from one single outlet. The other new tap in the range is without the Sparkling so it is Boiling and Chilled filtered water with a Hot and Cold Mixer.

If you’re looking for a new tap for your kitchen then look no further... This is the ultimate time-saving appliance and it is fed by the under-sink command centre. The dimensions of the undersink unit H- 333 x W- 280 x D- 455 (mm). The domestic Zip Hydrotaps are even more economical to run, with improved insulation and heating management. Which means they use even less electricity on stand-by, costing just a few pence per day. This unit requires a hot and cold-water supply to be able to function. Along with 1 x 13amp supply and water pressure of min 2.5 bar – max 5.0 bar.


Zip Celsius Arc is a very stylish design that would look great over any kitchen sink. By finally adding these two new taps it completes their range of domestic taps. Zip already had all these functions in the classic style known as the DOMA(N or V)4 or the DOMSA(N or V)4. The reason we believe the Celsius Arc with the same functions is needed is because of the shape. As you can see in the image that is the DOMAN4 (classic shape) and most people don’t like the shape for their main kitchen tap. Whereas, with the Celsius Arc the shape is more of a traditional kitchen mixer tap that looks great over your sink. Alongside that it is more practical because it is higher up and it rotate.

If you would like any more information on the new range or any other products on our site then give us a call on 01934 253600.