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water heaters

  • Advanced Appliances Flow Boiler

    Advance appliances is a UK based company that produce a range of different boilers. Their main range is the electric flow boiler range. This is for heating, in the range they have got two different versions. One is the standard central heating version and the another one is for underfloor heating. These vary in kW rating from 6kW to 12kW. Continue reading

  • Underfloor heating calculations: how many kW do I need?

    How to rate your underfloor wet heating system.

    We are often asked how many kW (Kilowatts) are needed for a wet underfloor heating system, to enable customers to work out the right underfloor heating calculations for your electric flow boiler.

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  • Trianco Boilers – What’s the warranty period?

    Trianco is a well-established brand of heating products that includes the Aztec Classic range of flow boilers. The Aztec System range of complete heating boilers and the Aztec Easyfit whole heating solution with boiler and cylinder combined. Continue reading

  • Solar-capable water cylinders

    Solar-capable water cylinders use the heat from the sun to be able to warm hot water for you to be able to use. This is a free way of getting energy to be able to heat water for outlets. As solar panels are very popular and lots of houses have it. Then why not make the most of having it there to power your hot water.

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  • Putting a hot water cylinder in a restricted space

    Let’s face it, given the choice, no one really wants to see their water heating cylinder. Although there are over 30 brands of this type of water heater, it seems not one manufacturer has come up with anything that could be viewed as either attractive, funky or a work of art. Continue reading

  • How powerful are electric instantaneous boilers?

    Instantaneous Heaters

    How powerful are electric instantaneous boilers? Well Electric Instantaneous heaters go from single phase electricity to three phase electricity. The single-phase electricity starting at 2.8kW the ES3 and goes to 11kW for the DEX12. With the Three phase, instantaneous heaters they start at 18kW with the DBX18 and go all the way up to 27kW with the DBX27. It is suggested that what the heater is heating is no further than 2 metres otherwise the flow rate will be affected. Continue reading

  • My Pressure Relief Valve is Leaking – what should I do?

    It is surprising how many times we get a call from someone telling us that the Pressure Relief Valve is leaking on their electric water heater, and asking us what they should do. Continue reading

  • Joule Water Heaters - hot water and more

    joulesJoule Water Heaters - hot water and more

    The range of Joule water heaters is becoming a very popular range of products with our customers. With all of our customers who have purchased one being extremely satisfied. They love the performance of the heater for the price. Other reasons why the Joule cylinders are so popular is because of how effective they are for the price.

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  • Is there a cheap alternative to a Megaflo Cylinder?

    Since 1993, Heatrae Sadia have produced what has become the benchmark in high quality, reliable, durable unvented hot water cylinders: The Megaflo Cylinder range.

    Known pretty much everywhere, the brand seems to have become the ‘Hoover’ of the water heating world, the name being synonymous with innovation and performance. Continue reading

  • How can I Heat Water for my 3 Bedroom House?

    Heating water for a 3 bedroom house may sound daunting, but it’s fairly simple. There are a few methods of putting this into action, varying in price and efficiency.

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  • How can I heat water for my 2 bedroom apartment?

    We are often asked about how to choose the right type of water heater  - for example, in a 2 bedroom apartment. The requirements generally vary because of the amount of occupants and their lifestyle. Continue reading

  • Why would I need a Horizontal Hot Water Cylinder?

    joule-horizontalMost of us have a hot water cylinder. It serves the purpose of heating or storing our hot water and we will generally pay no real attention to it – it's just there. Traditionally, we think of hot water boilers or immersion heaters as being large upright cylinders. They are usually installed in an airing cupboard or hidden away behind a door upstairs somewhere. Continue reading

  • How can I heat water for my 1 bedroom flat?

    There are a few different ways to heat water for homes, whether that’s for a bungalow, mansion or a flat, they all follow the same principles. The main choice that needs to be made is how to heat water for appliances around the house, on demand (instantaneous) or from storage.

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  • Elson Water Heating: The Range of Heaters

    EElson Water Heating

    Elson Water Heating is a range of water heating products and hot water solutions that is expanding. They have been established for 90 years. In 2019 Elson Water Heating, will be celebrating their 100th year. Where they started out as South Shields Plumbing Company. This name changed to Elsy & Gibbons in 1923 as they invented a combination tank which was called the Elson tank.  From this is when the name Elson formed and what they then started to trade under. Continue reading

  • Choosing the Correct Megaflo Cylinder

    The Megaflo range of water cylinders is vast, and along with the huge number of variants comes confusion. The diverse range of Megaflo cylinders shouldn’t be shied away from. There are only a few details you need to take into consideration when choosing your Megaflo.

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