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Would your customers rather have frozen or homemade chips?

Whether you have, a small café, a restaurant, hotel or a fish and chip business I’m sure you all get through a lot of chips!

Whilst frozen chips can seem more convenient, they are never a great selling point, and being able to select your own source of supply and type of potatoes to suit your customers’ tastes is a benefit that only homemade chips can bring you.

But of course, opting for the fresh, homemade alternative can also bring a big disadvantage: peeling and cutting all those potatoes by hand can be a boring, time-consuming and expensive process, so you have to consider all angles before switching from frozen.

Fortunately, with the help of a commercial potato peeler and potato chipper you can make large quantities of homemade chips quickly by combining ease of operation with reliability.

To get those perfect homemade chips, begin with a commercial potato peeler. The Lincat Upright Potato Peeler is our bestselling peeler and has the largest output of peeled potatoes. This model can get through an impressive 250kgs of potatoes per hour- that’s 100 bags of standard potatoes!

The best of the potato chippers offers a quick and easy approach to get delicious homemade chips for your customers. The Lincat potato chip cutter will pressure the potato with the steel edge, creating chips in a single, fast, productive motion. Those misshaped, frozen imitations are long gone.

Maximise the output of your fresh homemade chips with our top of the range models. All these peelers and chippers are built to last and ensure you will have enough chips to feed your customers. Once you’ve used these products to prepare chips, you’ll wonder why you’ve never made homemade chips before now.

If you need any more information on equipment to improve your chips, such as peelers, chippers or fryers and scuttles, the get on the phone to us on 01934 253600, or have an online natter at