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Medium Office

Zip Commercial Hydrotaps for the Medium-sized Office

Welcome to the Zip Hydrotap Selection Pages

Selection STEP 3: Select the type of tap you need: 

Zip Hydrotap for a medium workplace
Zip Hydrotap for a medium workplace
All-in-One Zip Hydrotap for a medium workplace


Select your tap type

Zip commercial Hydrotaps for a medium office environment or workplace of up to 50 people come in several shapes and sizes:

If you would like a single Hydrotap, capable of dispensing any combination of instant boiling, chilled or sparkling filtered water, whether that is to sit over a sink or away from the sink on an optional 'font', select the first option above.

If you would like 2 taps - one dispensing the instant boiling / chilled / sparkling water, and another tap dispensing your standard hot and cold water, select the second option above. These taps (called 3-in, 4-in-1, or 5-in-1 units) only require a cold water feed (thus saving plumbing costs) and deliver hot water immediately, so no waiting for hot water to travel from your central boiler.

The third option above - the All-in-One taps, produce normal hot and cold water plus whatever combination of boiling, chilled and sparkling you would like, all from one tap which sits over your sink. You can choose whether you would like the Zip unit to create the normal hot water, or whether you would like it to be produced by your existing hot water supply.


Commercial Zip Hydrotaps