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Fast Hand Dryers

Fast Hand Dryers

Top-of-the-range tech available here.

Being able to choose a fast hand dryer is a fairly recent option. Traditional electric hand dryers were slow, ineffectual and took ages to dry your hands. In fact, unless you had extraordinary patience, most people gave up before their hands were dry and ended up wiping them on their trousers on the way out of the washroom. 

There is absolutely no need to put up with that situation now, because there are so many excellent, high speed fast hand dryers available at very reasonable prices. We have listed our favourites on this page below:

The increased speed of modern designs typically deliver a drying time between 8 and 15 seconds, which should help the throughput of your washroom. (Unfortunately there is no single standard by which each manufacturer can issue directly comparable performance figures).

This increased speed really only has one down side, and that is that as the speed of the motor and the flow of air increases, so does the noise. So it is worth making a note of the decibel rating of any fast hand dryer to see how it compares to others, or download our handy e-book on selecting the right hand dryer for you.

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