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Hand Dryers For Pubs

Pub Hand Dryers

The right atmosphere to celebrate!

Choosing the best hand dryer for your pub, bar or resturant is an important decision, unless you want your regulars moaning all the time.

It’s one thing to decide to get rid of the cost, extra work and mess that paper towels have been giving you, but you need to take care that you don’t give yourself some different problems. Customer's in a bustling cosmopolitan wine bar might be expecting a different experience than a family looking for a sunday meal out. The team aim to deliver you a wide range of options with supporting advice from selection to installation.

You’ll need to choose something robust enough to prevent vandalism, powerful enough to stop your pub customers moaning, and smart enough to fit in with the image and style of your pub. And of course, you’ll need to make sure that it won’t break the bank to buy or cost you a fortune to run. We offer plenty of reasonably priced choices, or offers with longer warranties to befit any circumstance. We are on hand to give you the help you need.

We’ve put together our favourite hand dryers for pubs below, which should assist you to find the right one for your estabilishment. If you would like any more advice or want to talk through your requirement, please feel free to call our hand dryer experts on 01934 253600. Cheers!