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Everyone needs a quiet hand dryer, but its often not as simple as that.

In order to dry your hands more quickly, the motors in most modern hand dryers run at an extremely high rate. The result is that - generally speaking - our hand-drying experience is getting better, more thorough and more hygienic. Unfortunately there are side effects to this like the combination of high motor speeds with huge volumes of air being taken in or output through the mechanisms creating a lot of loud noise.

In certain situations, this is a real problem. For example, one of our customers had to replace their dryers because they were in an office washroom which was next to a conference room, and when the dryers were used the noise interrupted the meetings in the conference room. In another, a nursery's machine began to frequently disturb the infant's, disrupting their learning and eventually causing some sour tempers!

So manufacturers are making an effort to reduce the noise levels created by their motors, but inevitably still a trade-off between power and noise which you need to make.  This choice is made more complicated by the fact that the size, shape and construction of your washroom significantly affects the actual noise level. We have listed below a selection of quiet hand dryers. They all have a manufacturer’s decibel rating of below 75, but our most important advice would be not to go for as quiet as possible, as you may be sacrificing more power than you need to. Choose from the full range here. One great alternative is to select a dryer which can be adjusted such as the JETBOX Eco so you can get exactly the right balance. 

So, if noise levels are important, please take time to choose your quiet hand dryers carefully below or if you want to check anything, just call one of our experts on 01934 253600.