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Zip Instantaneous

Zip Instantaneous Electric Water Heating

Zip electric water heating capability

Zip instantaneous water heating units use the latest German technology and sophisticated electronic controls to deliver highly efficient water heating. Instantaneous heating is more economical than storage heating when usage is more sporadic rather than continuous.

The Zip units use bare wire technology for fast heating and connect to existing closed outlet taps. The smart designs fit neatly and unobtrusively in most locations, and all models come with a 12 month on-site parts and labour warranty, and are WRAS, VDE, CE approved.

Zip Instantaneous water heater capability

Zip ES Models

The ES models (ES3, ES4 and ES6) are supplied with a new wall bracket for easy fixing and come with 700mm of cable. The output temperature can be installer adjusted between 30 and 45 deg C. See the table below for specifications.

Zip CEX models

Available as Undersink or Oversink units, these can feed single or multiple outlets. The output temperature and the power rating can be selected at installation. See the table above for specifications.

Zip DEX and DBX models

For larger requirements, the range covers usage with both single and 3 phase (see table below) and has the option to adjust the outlet temperature (on installation for DBX between 20 and 60 degrees, or from the front panel for the DEX from 20 to 60 degrees).

Zip ES3 instantaneous water heater

Zip CEX instantaneous water heater

Zip DEX instantaneous water heater

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