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Advanced Appliances Flow Boiler

Advance appliances is a UK based company that produce a range of different boilers. Their main range is the electric flow boiler range. This is for heating, in the range they have got two different versions. One is the standard central heating version and the another one is for underfloor heating. These vary in kW rating from 6kW to 12kW.

The flow boiler can be specified for standard central heating circuits with an 80-degree flow or underfloor circuits with a 60-degree flow. These are A-rated pump & by-pass fitted with no maintenance required. They also have got a few other boilers to suit different parts of the market. From larger all in one systems to a small plug-in flow boiler.

The biggest unit in the range is the ECB210 Electric Combination Boiler. This has a tank capacity of 210 litres of hot and 20 litres of cold water. Along with that it has a heating rating of 6-10kW, depending on the model you select. Therefore, making it a perfect choice for a single bed apartment to a 3-bed apartment.

Also in their range of boilers they have an Electric Thermal Store ETS160. The hot water system gives you the benefits of mains pressure hot water. It has got an excellent 10-year cylinder guarantee and it is a very compact unit.

The final product in the range is a small Plug & Glow mini flow-boiler, the PNG. This PNG boiler is only 2.7kW making it perfect for caravans, mobile homes, boats etc. Add as an inline heat source to any plumbing or heating installation, capable to heat a conservatory up to 20m2.

Advance Appliances have got very good, well made products. That can save you money without compromising on performance.

If you would like any more information on the Advance Appliances range or any other range then contact us on 01934 253600.