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Best Budget - dryer - the JETBOX Junior?

The JETBOX range of hand dryers consists of 3 dryers. The JETBOX Junior which is one of the best if not the best budget dryer on the market. There are another two in the range on mid-range hands under dryer. The third one in the range is a hands in dryer which is the cheapest hands in dryer on the market, with an amazing drying performance.

The JETBOX Junior is in the budget hand dryer category, targeting the low-end dryers market. If you need an effective hand dryer for under £50 then you won't do better than this! This hand dryer is very good for the market that it is in.

This hand dryer has got a dry time of around 30 seconds. Which for the price range that it is in is good, compared to others in this range of dryers. This is a high speed and long-lasting ECO friendly hygienic product. The dB rating of this hand dryer is 60dB (at 2M) and it has got an airflow of 90m/s. The dimension of the JETBOX Junior dryer is: H - 285 (mm) x W - 225 (mm) x D - 165 (mm).

JETBOX offer a one-year warranty on this hand dryer. We believe that this is the best budget on the market, with also being one of the cheapest in the budget range. This dryer is only available in a white finish. It is the perfect hand dryer for environments such as small pubs, cafes and small shops. Ideal for situations where the through-put is reasonable low, this dryer will more than cope with that and save you a lot of money compared to higher end hand dryers.

If you need any help on the JETBOX Junior or anything else that we offer then feel free to contact us on 01934 253600.