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Diamond Dryers - the new range

Diamond Dryers - the new range

Diamond Dryers range is one of the newest range of hand dryers on the market. It is the latest range of hand dryers from FW3, the Diamond Dryers are unique and are very different to any other hand dryers that is on the market.

The Diamond Dryer is a small compact hand dryer, that is ideal for small washrooms as it doesn’t take up much space (Dimensions: H – 136 x W – 272 x D – 123). 



This dryer is also extremely quiet with having a DB rating of less than 75DB(A) at 1 metre. It has got a good drying time of 10-12 seconds, which is a very good time for a dryer with a rated power of only 300W. The Diamond Dryer has got an outstanding 7-year warranty which is the longest warranty on any hand dryer available. This hand dryer is available in three different colours; Silver, Graphite (Black) and the popular Rose Gold.


The extremely low power consumption on this dryer does not compromise on the performance. The Diamond Dryer could save you thousands of pounds a year if you are replacing paper towels with it! With also saving you a lot of hassle replacing them and cleaning them off the floor and washroom.

*Prices based on 200 uses a day for a year. Assumed cost £0.11 KW/h. Hand towel cost based on 2 towels per dry at a cost of £0.01 per towel.


This hand dryer is very low maintenance all it needs is a wipe with a soft cloth to keep it clean. There are no filters to change, motor brushes to replace or drip trays to empty. What more could you ask for from a hand dryer!

If you have any questions about the Diamond Dryers feel free to call us on 01934 253600.