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Do I need a commercial warewasher?

Dishwashers and glass washers (called warewashers) made for commercial use typically have a much shorter cycle time than domestic units and this means large volumes of crockery can be cleaned quickly and efficiently.

Initial Considerations for your commercial warewasher

The number of different model and features can be a bit mind-boggling, so there are several things you should consider before you start looking for the right model:

Turnover - When choosing between commercial or domestic, it’s worth thinking about the number ofcovers each night and how quickly the crockery needs to be cleaned. In a high-volume catering environment, for example, you may be doing several sittings a night, where smaller restaurants may only turn over one.

Space - Where your warewasher will sit is a key consideration. In a bar your glasswasher is a necessity and its permanent location is vital. The location of a dishwasher in the washing area is also important. Although it needs to be in an accessible place, you need to make sure it does not get in the way.

DurationThe choice of dishwasher may be chosen on its cycle length. Domestic dishwashers can take from 45 minutes for a standard cycle, commercial dishwashers can take as little as 60 seconds. Pass through dishwashers usually have the quickest of cycle times.

Types of commercial warewasher

There are many different kinds of commercial dishwashers, and it’s important to find the right kind that suits your kitchen space and the way it will be used. Here are some of the different kinds of dishwashers available and our top picks:

Under counter/counter dishwashersWinterhalter Undercounter Warewasher may look like a domestic dishwasher, but it can clean dishes in minutes, and is sturdy enough to run continually throughout the day.

Pass through dishwashersThe Classeq Hydro Pass Through Dishwasher is as comprehensive as dishwashers come. This dishwasher comes with a myriad of attachments to improve its functionality beyond its already impressive 720 plate an hour output.

Pre Rinse SprayVogue Monobloc - Rinsing dishes and cookware before putting them in the dishwasher ensures maximum cleaning results and a more hygienic finish. 

Pass Through TableThe Classeq Pass Through Table with Spray Mixer allows you to rinse any food off the crockery before it enters the dishwasher.

Glass washers – The Classeq G350P Glasswasher is ideal for any pub or bar.

Extras - Dishwashing rinse aid is a “must-have” for a high quality clean, it ensures a clear finish for a completely perfect wash result. This powerful cleaning chemical provides outstanding dish and glass coverage to deliver a superior rapid dry, helping you to clean glassware quicker. For a powerful clean that cuts through dirt effortlessly, is hygienic and ready for use take a look at our range of detergents. Detergent is a powerful multipurpose and is suitable for dishwashers and glasswashers. Formulated with a high quality environmental formulation it also provides neutral waste water, helping you to meet environmental targets. The detergent is perfect for use in bars, cafes, restaurants and any commercial premises.

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