heatrae sadia megafloThere are several different options if you need to have an electric water heating system – but what are they?

The majority of the UK population heats its water with a gas heating system, but there are also millions of households without access to mains gas, and hundreds of thousands of businesses whose premises are not served by gas. If you are looking for an electric water heating system, you probably don’t need to become an expert in how everything works, but it might be useful to get a basic understanding of what is available and which would be the best solution for you.

There are 3 main options:

Electric Water Heating

Stored Hot Water - Large tank.

By far the most popular solution for small residential apartments or small houses which do not have access to mains gas, systems of up to 500 litres are available, although 120 litres would be adequate for apartments or small households – rising to 250 litres for larger households.

The water is heated using an element (ranging from a single 1kw element up to multiple 3kW elements) - possibly using cheaper off-peak electricity - and stored in an insulated tank ready for use.

Stored Hot Water – point of use.

These are much smaller in capacity and usually serve a single sink. They will have a capacity starting at 5 litres, rising to 30 litres. Ideal for hand-washing requirements or washing up.

Instantaneous electric water heating.

Often overlooked as a possible solution, there have been big improvements in the capability and reliability of instantaneous water heating products, and good quality units are now offered by a number of manufacturers. If the unit can be placed close to the point of use, and if running a higher capacity cable to the unit is not a problem, then these are a great solution. They produce an infinite supply of hot water and do not waste any power heating water which is not used.

That should give you a start on understanding what type of heater is right for your particular situation - if you need more information and advice please give our experts  a call on 01934 253600 or head over to our electric water heating page.