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Water Heating

Water Heating

Electric Water Heating

As electric water heating units have become more sophisticated, efficient and cost effective, so their popularity has increased and the range available (and value for money) has improved.

Leading manufacturers of water heating units in the UK such as Zip, Santon, Heatrae Sadia, Ariston and Stiebel Eltron have all created a wide range of heaters to address the most popular requirements: if you are looking for a heater from a particular manufacturer, or a specific model, start by selecting the manufacturer from the options above.

Several of the manufacturers offer instantaneous electric water heaters, which can be ideal in the right situations, running at extremely high efficiency levels because there is no heat loss from water which is heated but not used. The power required to heat water on demand whilst maintaining an adequate flow rate, however, can be very high so it is important to understand what type of power circuit will be required, and whether it can be used with existing wiring. The position and number of outlets is also extremely important to consider.

For electric water heating solutions which store a relatively small amount of water and feed a local sink or two, the savings in both time (waiting for long pipe runs from the main boiler) and money (drawing off large amounts of water from the boiler which then cool down in the pipework) can be significant, and these are available in many different capacities and level of power. Again, it is important to understand what the frequency and level of usage is to make sure the correct capacity is chosen.

More recently, electrical solutions for central heating, either in the form of electric combi boilers or underfloor elements have been released by manufacturers, giving homes and offices without access to mains gas supplies even more of a choice.

Sometimes, this breadth of choice can be bewildering, so here at Electrical Deals Direct we work hard to make sure you have accurate and clear information and advice.

(Interestingly, information about electric water heaters often falls between the expertise of plumbers and the expertise of electricians, so independent advice is frequently vital.)

By using the various articles and guides available online you may quickly arrive at the right choice, but should you need to talk any aspect of your requirement through, we are always happy to discuss your needs and make a recommendation: just call one of our experts on 01934 253600.

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