EElson Water Heating

Elson Water Heating is a range of water heating products and hot water solutions that is expanding. They have been established for 90 years. In 2019 Elson Water Heating, will be celebrating their 100th year. Where they started out as South Shields Plumbing Company. This name changed to Elsy & Gibbons in 1923 as they invented a combination tank which was called the Elson tank.  From this is when the name Elson formed and what they then started to trade under.



Recently Elson have expended to their range by adding in five new commercial products to Elson Water Heating. These four products are the EOS7, EBW25, EHW3, EUV10 and the EUV15. These products fit four different areas of water heating which are Vented Water Heaters, Boiling Water Heater, 3kW Handwash Unit and two unvented water heaters.


One of the new products in the Elson Water Heating range is the EOS7 Vented Water Heater. This new over sink 7 litre vented water heater is designed for light commercial environments. Where they have a need and a demand for hand washing and instant hot water. The water is supplied from the main water supply directly, the unit is small and compact to help with the ease of sitting and installation.

The other main ones that is new to the Elson Water Heating is the EUV10 and 15. These are both unvented water heaters with the only difference between the two being the litres. With the EUV10 being 10 litres and the EUV15 being 15 litres capacity. These are both supplied with an expansion relief valve and other components such as a over temperature cut-out.