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Green Eco Hand Dryers the Range

The Green Eco hand dryer category has got a range of different hand dryers, from hands in to hands under. There are currently seven different types of hand dryers in this category, with the price ranging from £107 ex VAT to £322 ex VAT. These are all very good simplistic designed dryers, which good performance.

The hands in model is one of the fastest and most economical automatic hand dryers. It has got a 10 second drying time, which competes with all the hand dryers on the market. Therefore, making this a fantastic alternative to the very popular Gorillo Ultra hand dryer. This automatic high speed/low energy hand dryer. Has been designed to be used where speed and comfort of drying is paramount of importance. The Jet Dry Plus has got 2 speed & 2 heat setting adjustability and is £322 ex VAT.

One of the most popular hands under dryers in the green eco hand dryer category is the Fast Dryer which is £208 ex VAT. This is one of the fastest and most economical automatic hand dryers available today. This hand dryer has got a 10-12 second drying time, which competes with all the hand dryers on the market. This has proven to be a very good hand dryer, as it is re-branded by lots of different companies. Check out the white one here (one of our best-selling hand dryers).

Also in the Green Eco stable is what is seen as the traditional button (manual) hand dryer. Which is called the Model T24M hand dryer. This hand dryer is compact and quiet and it is ideal for any small executive washrooms. This is the traditional nozzle dryer shape, with the traditional push button, this is an automatic hand dryer. It is a very high-quality hand dryer that is robust, therefore making it great for use in leisure and other commercial environments.

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