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Hand Dryer Mounting Heights

The ideal hand dryer mounting height depends mainly on the age range of your average washroom users, and the type of dryer you’re installing. When purchasing dryers, they will come with the recommended mounting height. Below are the recommendations for both hands In and hands under dryers.


Suggested hands-under dryer height relative to age range:

Males (adult): 1,150mm

Females (adult): 1,100mm

Children (ages 3–6): 750mm

Children (ages 6–12): 880mm

Children (ages 12–17): 1,070mm

Disabled users: 950mm

These measurements are taken from the air nozzle of the dryer to the floor.

We offer 200 different hand dryers with 150 of them being hands under. These are becoming more popular because it saves space in the bathroom and also being cheaper. Popular brands we have are; Dyson, Mitsubishi, Warner Howard, Biodrier, JETBOX and many others. One issue some people have with this type of dryer is it blowing the water onto the wall. We now sell hand dryer splashback panels, to stop this from happening.

Take a look at the full range of hands under dryers that we offer

Suggested hands-in dryer height relative to age range:

Males (adult): 1,040mm

Females (adult): 980mm

Children (all ages): 880mm

Disabled users: 880mm

These measurements are taken from the top of the dryer unit to the floor.

With having only 30-40 hands in dryers, picking the right one is much easier. Popular brands we have are; Dyson, Mitsubishi, HandyDryers, Biodrier, JETBOX and a couple others. All hands in dryers except Dyson comes with a built-in drip tray to collect the water. Dyson do not offer this, but we do have an external drip tray to fit the popular AB14 dryer.

Take a look at the range of hands in dryers that we offer

These are just guidelines, as different environments require slightly different positions. For further help, please feel free to chat to one of our friendly advisors at Electrical Deals Direct. Either using our online chat, a phone call (01934 253600) or drop us an email (