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Hand Dryers – should I have Hot Air or Cold Air?

cold air hand dryers

In the old days, hand dryers worked by blowing warm air onto your hands, and evaporating the moisture. More recently, they come with high power motors which actually blast (or ‘scrape’) the air off your hands with very fast-moving streams or blades of air. The result is a far faster dry time, and far less energy used.

But you still have a choice of whether that air is hot or cold – so which should you choose?

The answer lies in what are you concerned with and what will benefit you and your business. Interestingly, whether your high-speed hand dryer blows cold air or warm air actually makes very little difference to the drying time.

The main different between hot and cold air hand dryers is in comfort and energy efficiency (and therefore running cost).

It’s nice to use a hot air hand dryer especially in cold pub washroom in the middle of a British winter. On the other hand in a gymnasium, probably the last thing you need is hot air on your hands after a tough workout.

And of course if energy usage is your main concern then cold air is the way to go: your electricity usage could drop by 30% by having an unheated hand dryer.

If you are still struggling to make a decision between hot and cold air, there are several which actually do both, via a switch, such as the Mitsubishi SMART and the JetBox Blade. These would allow you to perhaps have one setting in the winter, and another for the summer.

Or, if you can’t decide, we have perfect one for you that does both. The Kangarillo ECO 2.

Not only does it have a highly efficient motor which uses just 600W, it also has a fully automatic and 'intelligent' heating element which senses the ambient temperature in the washroom and adapts accordingly - turning up the heat in cold weather, and down in warm weather.

If you’re still having trouble deciding the right hand dryer, do feel free to speak to one of our hand dryer nerds (experts) on 01934 253600 or contact us on the online chat at the bottom right of our website (