Heating water for a 3 bedroom house may sound daunting, but it’s fairly simple. There are a few methods of putting this into action, varying in price and efficiency.

The easiest method for most households would be to get a large cylinder. The capacity would change depending on how many occupants there are in each household, but this is where this blog helps.


After working out what size water heater you would need, the next part would be to choose a manufacturer. This is also something that often confuses people, with questions like “why would I choose a more expensive brand?”, and “what is the difference between the manufacturers?”.

The truth is, like with most things, you get what you pay for. At the top of the market is Heatrae Sadia with their Megaflo range. Other popular brands are Kingspan, Zip and Joule. All manufacturers have their own unique warranties on their cylinders, and all of this information is available on our website by clicking the documentation tab.

It may seem obvious, but the majority of hot water used in a household is for baths and showers. Of course there will be the daily use of the bathroom hand wash basin and kitchen sink, but these don’t tend to use up too much hot water. Many households have existing electric showers, which heat the water up instantly, which you need to take into account when choosing a cylinder size. You also need to consider how many people are likely to have baths, especially consecutive baths. This is because it could get frustrating for users to completely exhaust the cylinder after 2 baths, when there could be 3 people needing/wanting one.

As water cylinders get larger, you will also need to look at potentially getting an extra immersion heater installed inside. The more elements you have, the quicker your cylinder will recover and heat the water back to optimum temperature. We also have a blog on the recovery rates of water heaters which can be found here.


The Megaflo range is excellent in many ways, but specifically in giving customers the option to purchase cylinders with more than one element inside. For a 3 bedroom house, which could have 4-5 people living in, I would say that a good size to start looking at would be around 150-180 litres. Not everybody in the household will have regular baths, and people tend to have quick showers every morning instead of a bath every evening. But it does depend on who is living in the 3 bedroom house!

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