In the world of commercial boiling taps, scale build up inside the undersink units is the prime cause of failure.

This is because the hotter the water is, the more scale forms, so when water is being held in an undersink tank at close to 100 degrees, it will be extremely likely to create a lot of scale. This scale will then cause multiple problems with the tap operation:

  • The level indicator will get covered in scale and therefore give incorrect readings, often leading to underfilling of the tank, resulting in you getting much less capacity that you are expecting.
  • The heating element itself will get covered in scale build up and so take longer to heat up the water, affecting your reheat times and throughput.
  • The temperature gauge, if covered in scale, will not be switching the element on and off effectively, resulting in poor power consumption and irregular temperatures.

It is fair to say that scale causes the vast majority of maintenance problems with boiling taps. It is therefore not surprising that some manufacturers explicitly exclude scale issues from their warranty programmes.

The good news is that scale filters are typically extremely easy to replace, so there is no need to call an engineer. Particularly, for Billi taps, the video below shows just how easy it is. So if you are in need of a new scale filter, just order up the filter – you will either need a medium filter   or a heavy duty filter  and then watch the video below.

Just one note of caution, if you do not have a scale filter at all at the moment, you will need to buy the filter head with the filter,  rather than just the filter on its own.



If you are at all unsure of the right filter to purchase, or need to understand the difference between the different sizes or between a taste & odour filter and a scale filter, don’t hesitate to chat to us via our online chat (bottom right of our website) or give one of our experts a call on 01934 253600.