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How to Install a Mitsubishi hand dryer – the Mitsubishi SMART

As many of our customers know, the Mitsubishi SMART is one of our favourite hand dryers. The combination of the build quality, design, long warranty (we offer a 5 year warranty) and exceptional price puts it at the top of the list for a lot of different situations.

If fact, it is one of only a few hand dryers which can compete (and win) against the Dyson V hand dryer, especially regarding its suitability in high usage environments.

As with any hand dryer, installation is not a particularly difficult operation, and providing there is power to a nearby fused spur, it is something which can be undertaken by any competent handyman.

The video below makes it even more straightforward, taking you through the steps to install a Mitsubishi SMART hand dryer. It also includes instruction on how you can set the heater element on or off during the installation.


If you are looking for a well-built, economical hand dryer and the Mitsubishi is within your price range, then make sure you consider the following factors when comparing it to the rest of your shortlist:


  • High quality unit from a well-respected brand
  • A hands-under blade dryer
  • Comes in white or silver finish
  • Advertised drying time of just 9 seconds
  • Extremely quiet – just 58 dB
  • Can turn the heater on/off for comfort in the summer/winter
  • Uses just 660 watts of power (with the heater off)
  • 5 Year warranty (with free upgrade from Electrical Deals Direct)


If you need more information on the Mitsubishi Smart hand dryer, then just give one of our hand dryer experts a call on 01934 253600 or join an on-line chat session from our main web page. We specialise in finding exactly the right dryer for your specific requirements, and we usually end up saving our customers a considerable amount of money in the process.