The JETBOX hand dryers range is small, but perfectly formed…JETBOX hand dryer range
With new hand dryers coming on to the market every week, the choice can seem pretty mind-boggling and confusing, and with several hundred different models available, it seems very reasonable to think that the last thing the market needs is another hand dryer. But the JETBOX range helps simplify your choices. Each of the 3 hand dryers in the range have been very carefully specified to address 3 very large market segments. And to make your colour choice even easier, each of the JETBOX models only comes in white.

The JETBOX Blade

Although it was Mitsubishi who invented the ‘hands-in’ type of hand dryer, it was Dyson who made it popular with the Airblade dryer. This style of dryer has become sought after for use in pubs, restaurants, offices etc, but many people are not willing or able to stump up the £700 – 800 for a Dyson Airblade. In fact, their requirements are often for a fairly low-usage dryer, so they do not need anything built (and priced) as an extremely high-usage machine.Budget Blade Hand dryer
This is where the JETBOX Blade comes in. Even though it is about 1/3 of the price of a Dyson Airblade, it is stylishly designed, has a fast dry time, low energy consumption and a HEPA filter. In fact, it has useful features which the Dyson does NOT have, such as a removable drip tray to stop mess on the floor, a UV light to kill bacteria in the filter, and the ability to turn down the heat or motor speed for quieter and more energy efficient use.
It’s the perfect fit for that type of user.


Despite the rise of hands-in dryers, the more traditional hands-under dryers are still the most popular, not least because they use up less space in the washroom. There is a very large segment of the market who need something which is robust, reliable and dries hands quickly with a massive blast of hot air.
The JETBOX Eco does all this, at a price which compares very favourably with other ‘mid-market’ dryers, and comes with the added benefit of a full 5-year ‘swap-out’ warranty so you can just fit and forget it. It is also one of the few hand dryers on HM Government’s Energy Technology List, which means the full cost can be written down against tax in the first year of purchase.
On top of all that, via an internal dial, it can be turned up or down to further improve the power consumption, or level of noise to suite any environment.

The JETBOX Junior

Changing to any hand dryer from paper towels will immediately result in a huge cost saving in running costs. For low volume applications (such as pubs, cafes, village halls etc.) running costs become negligible (a few pounds a year), but the initial purchase price for a mid-range hand dryer can be a problem.
For this type of customer, we have produced the JETBOX Junior. Ideal for low-usage environments, it is a modern reliable hand dryer which will result in immediate savings over paper towel usage and give your washroom a modern look. Unlike many other hand dryers around this price point, it really is effective at drying hands, with a powerful motor and a strong heating element – yet at a decibel rating of just 60 it is unobtrusive as well as stylish.

So with a clearly defined customer type for each of the 3 dryers in the JETBOX hand dryers range, it covers a very large part of the market – and makes hand dryer selection for many people extremely easy. If you need any advice on which is right for you, please give one of our hand dryer experts a call on 01934 253600.