joulesJoule Water Heaters - hot water and more

The range of Joule water heaters is becoming a very popular range of products with our customers. With all of our customers who have purchased one being extremely satisfied. They love the performance of the heater for the price. Other reasons why the Joule cylinders are so popular is because of how effective they are for the price.


Joule themselves say that:

“The Joule range of un-vented cylinders are the UK’s fastest growing cylinder brand. Built on quality and performance, with one of the widest ranges of models available you can be sure there is a model to suit. Joule are leading the way by offering a complete range of ERP rated cylinders.”

Joule manufacture a range of different water heating products from direct/indirect. To joulesvented/unvented and also vertical/horizontal. Not only do they offer these different versions but then they also spilt the some of the popular sizes into different sized cylinders.

For an example in the cylinder range such as the direct cyclone range. They offer the standard size and this goes from 125L up to 500L in capacity.

Then they have the same cylinder but in the short range and this covers 200L, 250L and 300L capacity. This is good if you have a cupboard or area that you want to add in shelves or tight on space. So this short cylinder will allow you to have shelves above or below the cylinder.

The final variation of this type of cylinder is the slimline. This covers 90L, 120L, 150L, 170L and 200L capacity and this is good if you have a you require a slim cylinder to fit in a space.



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