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Mess on Washroom Floors.

Mess on washroom floors is a problem a lot of our customers talk to us about. Some of them are talking about the mess caused by the use of paper towels – many of which end up soaking wet, pulled to pieces and strewn over the floor. You would think that might be the kind of thing which only happens in schools, but no! Apparently, once behind a locked toilet door, adults get up to some strange behaviour as well.

Mostly, though the conversations are about modern high-speed hand dryers. They have the advantages of actually drying your hands, quickly, and using very small amounts of electricity to do so. But the disadvantage, when compared to traditional electric dryers (which generate huge amounts of heat but not a lot of ‘puff’, and therefore take a lot of time to evaporate the water from your hands) I that they force the water off your hands – and that water has to go somewhere.

The ‘hands-in type of dryers usually get around this problem by having a drip-tray, into which the water is supposed to find its way, and therefore the problem is solved.

What a number of people have found, though, is that that is not always the case and so we found the video above particularly interesting: it shows how the design of the Mitsubishi (and the recommended way of moving your hands through the dryer) has resulted in this being a real advantage for the dryer.

For anyone already with a dryer which does not have a drip tray and needs to fix this problem, there are ‘driplates’ available which can be installed under the dryer.

Click above to watch the video, and let us know what you think, or call for a chat about any other aspects of hand dryers you feel you need to discuss: our experts are on 01923 253600.