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PHS Airstream Vitesse or Warner Howard Airforce?

The PHS Airstream is being sold alongside the Warner Howard Airforce hand dryer. They are similarly priced, so how does the newcomer stack up against the one of the of the most recognisable and successful hand dryers in the UK market for the last 10 years?

The Warner Howard Airforce has sold in such quantities that it has become a well-known feature of pubs, restaurants, offices and motorway service stations. Its reliability is second to none, it comes with a fantastic warranty, and it is priced in the most popular price range for good quality hand dryers.

So does the PHS Airstream Vitesse live up to the challenge?

Our conclusion is that it does, and the results of our review of the new model have left us very pleased. Why? Well there are 4 main reasons:

  1. Visual Hand Dryer DesignPHS Airstream Vitesse

The visual design of the Airforce mean that it isa simple, no-frills simple design. Nothing revolutionary but pleasing on the eye. And the Airstream follows well in its footsteps, being slightly wider, but flatter, and with the introduction of the ever-popular blue lights on the front of the unit (which turn green when in operation). Visually, we think the Airstream is an improvement on the Airforce.

  1. Hand Drying Performance

Although it actually has an improved dry time, the Airstream has a ‘blade’ configuration for the air produced rather than the multiple jets of the Airforce. This means the hands are drawn backwards and forwards to get the best drying result. This echoes the famous Dyson V hand dryer, and, we think, gives a superior performance.

  1. Hand Dryer Installation

A big improvement here is that (again, like the latest Airblade V), the backplate of the Airstream is fitted to the wall and connected to the electrical supply, and then the from of the dryer easily clips on to the backplate. This means that the removal of the dryer for maintenance, repair or replacement is a simple handyman job – no need for an electrician to be involved, and no need to remove the backplate from the wall. This is a great plus point in terms of maintainability.

  1. Price

Usually all upgrades and new ranges come with a price increase – it’s just something everyone has come to expect, but in this case, the Airstream will be priced at around the same price as the Airforce.

Is there anything we don’t like about the Airstream Vitesse?

phs airstream in nickelWell, call us picky hand dryer nerds, but we’re sorry to see the ‘Warner Howard’ brand disappear from the front of the dryer. Of course this is only superficial and PHS have been the owner of Warner Howard for many years, but we’re sentimental old fools and it’s a shame to see the passing of a great hand dryer brand, even if it is in name only.

But other than that, the PHS Airstream Vitesse is a great dryer. We expect it to become a huge seller and continue the success of the Airforce for many years to come.

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