000DC881Being one of the UKs most popular brands of heating products, we are proud to announce that we are now stocking the new Trianco Aztec electric boilers.

It is estimated that over 4 million houses in the UK are unable to connect to a mains gas supply.
This leaves homeowners with either a choice of oil or electric power. However with the yearly servicing sessions required to keep an oil fired boiler running smoothly along with the large carbon footprint these types of boilers create, more people are turning towards electric boilers.

Are electric boilers like the Trianco Aztec range financially viable?

The TriancThe new Trianco Easyfit All-in-one electric boilero Aztec electric boiler range is one of the most popular ranges in the UK, and although the average running costs for an electric boiler is slightly higher than gas and oil, they come with many advantages you may not necessarily know about. In comparison to gas boilers, electric boilers have no flue, which allows waste gases to escape at the cost of losing heat. Electric boilers like the Trianco range retain their heat and work at a 99% efficiency. If you are installing a gas boiler you will need to pay for the gas supply pipe to be fitted into your home, (if not already existing), and you will also need to pay for a flue to be fitted which lets waste gas (and heat!) escape. Then comes the maintenance costs, which with oil and gas is roughly a yearly service session. This counteracts the lower energy cost and makes it almost irrelevant in the long run.
The new Trianco Aztec Classic electric boiler

Trianco have recently complimented their Aztec range of electric boilers by the new addition of the Easyfit All-in-one heating system. The Trianco Aztec Easyfit comes in 6, 9 and 12kW versions and each comes with a 210L cylinder with everything you need pre-plumbed internally and externally. Having an all in one system with the boiler built with the cylinder creates a fantastic space saving and hassle free opportunity for people who need just that.
The Trianco System boiler is similar to the Easyfit, the difference being that the Aztec System has no cylinder attached. Everything else you need is built into this space saving system, including a pump, auto air vent, expansion vessel and pressure gauge. The range of outputs for the Aztec System is 6, 9, 11 and 12kW.
The smallest unit in the Trianco Aztec range is the Classic which is built with practicality in mind. This boiler is perfect for flats, apartments and even mobile homes. The slim design and ability to be wall mounted creates an even better space saving system for homes which do not require a giant cylinder, or even homes where only the boiler needs to be replaced.

The Trianco Aztec range covers most household needs perfectly, however there are other ranges like the Amptec by Heatrae Sadia that could also fit most household needs perfectly too.

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