In a perfect world, electric water heaters are great. You put cold water in one end and it comes out hotter at the other end.

However, if a problem develops with a pipe connection and water is suddenly freely flowing somewhere other than into the tank of the water heater then you have yourself a major issue.

The result can range from a bit of a wet floor right up to major refurbishment and repair for an entire building, depending on how soon it is detected and isolated.

There is a really quick, easy and cheap solution to such problems however: a water block (or water shut down system)

A water block is a simple device that senses freely flowing water beyond a pre-set amount of litres, and stops the flow there and then.

It can be used with plenty of different types of appliances, but most commonly things like small to medium sized electric water heaters, boiling water taps and dispensers and plumbed in water coolers.

The water block is fitted between the water outlet and the appliance but in a vertical position, and the ‘allowed flow’ can be set at between 5 – 50 litres.

There are several examples out there indicating the potential damage that water can do, but quite commonly the problem of a fast flowing leak over the weekend on an upper floor in an office block can do hundreds of thousands of pounds worth of damage to the fixtures and fittings and office equipment etc, let alone the internal fabric of the building.

This can be prevented with a few £40.00 water blocks!

We stock the Zip HE45004 model.

 In certain commercial settings, it’s quite possible that insurance companies could insist that flood prevention measures are taken to minimise the risk of water damage from certain types of equipment such as coolers, boiling water taps and dispensers and vending machines. This device will meet that type of specification. It is also WRAS approved.

Here’s a link to the installation information.

 So there it is. A really inexpensive way to protect homes and offices against costly flooding leaks.

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