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What is the Whirlpool Sixth Sense technology?

It has been proven that the Whirlpool Sixth Sense technology can offer big savings on energy and water use, reducing users’ energy and water bills, in its laundry products. Not only is this a sensible commercial move, it’s also great for the environment. If you switch to a Whirlpool Sixth Sense Machine you could help reduce your carbon footprint and lower your bills.

These energy savings can be achieved due to the machines ‘sixth sense’. It uses soft move technology and intelligent sensors within the unit that adapt the washing time and temperature in the drum according to the size and type of load. This can result in big savings in energy costs and water usage, of up to 30%. These machines provide care to garments and delicately distribute fabrics across the drum to guarantee an even deeper clean.

When tumble drying, the machine senses the humidity level inside the dryer and can therefore adjust the amount of heat used, and automatically finish the drying cycle when it is dry. This even works with mixed loads or very delicate materials. So as well as saving money and energy, you won’t open the dryer to partially dry clothes ever again!

A popular combination of Whirlpool products would be the Whirlpool Omnia Washer along with the Whirlpool Omnia condensed dryer. The Omnia range from Whirlpool can be stacked on top of one another. These two products are also compatible because they can hold similar weight. The benefits of this means the user can remove the contents from one machine and load them straight into the dryer situated above or below the washer. This is not only convenient to have both machines so close to one another, but this also means only half the amount of floor space is required, ideal for when space is tight.

All of the Whirlpool commercial laundry products are the answer for small to medium-sized businesses such as cafes, restaurants, beauty salons and hotels. Their built-in technology makes them the best laundry products on the market with a true commercial warranty. They are able to wash table clothes, towels and bedding quickly yet effectively whilst ensuring cleanliness and high hygiene levels.

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