Zip Hydrotap modelsZip Model Confusion

Of all the different types of customers who call us, the most confused are probably those who are trying to figure out which model of the Zip Hydrotap they should choose for their kitchen.

This is not surprising: the logic behind the structure of the Zip range – and especially the numbering system – is beyond the comprehension of most human beings. So, we have tried to lay out this article in such a way that your choice becomes straightforward.

Firstly, a word about Zip Hydrotaps in general: for many years, Zip have been an outstanding provider of very high quality boiling and chilled water taps for offices and homes around the world, and we know that when someone buys a Zip Hydrotap, we know we are going to have another happy customer. The reliability and performance of the products is always exceptional, and although they are certainly not the cheapest provider of such equipment, the value for money, the peace of mind and the quality of the products they provide are second to none.

Be warned though – if you are looking for a Zip Hydrotap for your office or business, this isn’t the article for you: Zip are very strict about the environments the products are used in, and have different models for domestic and commercial settings – they are quite likely to say that the warranty is invalidated if you have the wrong product in the wrong environment. For domestic usage, we are only considering products which start with the reference letters DOM or MB.

So, if you have decided that you would like a Zip Hydrotap for your kitchen, there are some straightforward questions you can ask yourself to find the right model, and it starts by understanding whether you want the Zip tap to replace the hot & cold supply of your standard taps as well as provide the boiling/chilled water :

Question: What type of tap setup is suitable for your kitchen?

There are 3 possible answers to this:

“I would like one tap which does everything.”Zip HydroTap

The Zip HydroTap “All-in-one” tap delivers hot and cold water as well as boiling and chilled water, all from the same tap, and the hot water it dispenses comes from your existing hot water system. This option has the advantage of de-cluttering your sink, and the All-in-One has the ability to swivel between 2 sinks so it can easily serve both.

The tap itself (see the picture on the right) looks like a taller version of a standard Zip HydroTap, but has an extra lever at the side which controls the hot and cold water. Unlike a standard Zip Tap, this MUST be situated over a sink – there is no font available. It is called an 'All-in-one" tap and comes in 2 different models and the difference between them is that one can also dispense sparkling water. The standard model is the DOMBC3A and the sparkling model is the DOMBCSA - click on either of those to see the details.

“I would like a separate tap for my hot and cold water, but I would like the hot water to come from the Zip under-sink unit”.


4in1The reason you may want this combination is that you are fitting the tap to a sink in a new kitchen or new utility room, and the cost of running hot water from your existing hot water system will be problematic – either practically or in terms of cost. (If the boiler is a long way from your kitchen sink, you will have a problem both in terms of waiting for the water to get hot, and the cost of the wasted hot water every time you use it).

With this type of Zip system, the under-sink unit produces not just the boiling and chilled water (which goes to a standard Zip HydroTap) but also the hot
water, which it sends to the separate mixer tap. The reference number for this product is the DOMBCH and there are 3 choices of mixer tap - standard, square and tall.squaretap

“ I would like a standalone Zip Hydrotap, either over my sink alongside my existing hot/cold taps or away from the sink.”zip tap

this is the most popular answer, and particularly if you are adding your Zip Hydrotap to an existing kitchen setup, this is the natural choice for many people. There is also a safety reason that many people mention when considering this option, which is that although there are several safety devices on the Zip Hydrotap, having boiling water dispensed by a completely separate tap means that people are much less likely to get confused and think it is a normal tap and end up with a scalding incident (we’re not at all sure that’s a valid concern, but it is nonetheless what some people think).

All Zip Hydrotaps can also be installed away from the sink using the optional font, which gives the tap its own mini sink, and also raises it up by about 100mm so it is easier to get pots and jugs underneath.

So to point you to the most suitable model of stand-alone Zip Tap, you need to decide exactly you want it to do: Just boiling water? Chilled? Or perhaps even sparkling? Bear in mind when answering, that the more types you choose, the more expensive it will be!

Do you simply want the tap to produce Boiling water?

If so, then the HydroTap for you is probably the DOMHB1, which comes in a choice of 4 different finishes, but you should first check you are OK with the following:

- This is the only model in the domestic zip range which does not filter the water (for taste and odour) – if you want filtered boiling water you should also consider the DOMBA1 and the Miniboil.
- The space it needs under the sink is 188mm(W) x 320mm(D) x 334(H) – this makes it the narrowest, but not the shallowest, undersink unit.
- Pricewise, this used to be the entry level for a domestic Hydrotap by a long way, but thanks to recent price reductions, that is no longer the case: the Miniboil is very close in terms of price and has some other significant benefits: check it out here.

Do you want the tap to produce Boiling water and Cold water?

If so, you can choose between the DOMBA1 and the two styles of HydroTap Miniboils.

Consider a DOMBA1 if:

  1. You want the tap in a finish other than polished chrome (it comes in a choice of 4 different finishes)
  2. You prefer the traditional Zip levers to operate the taps rather than the touch-buttons of the Miniboillevers
  3. You are prepared to pay a fair bit more for the two points above!

And consider a Miniboil (which comes in 2 designs – the Classic and Elite) if:

  1. You prefer the touch buttons to the levers
  2. Your under-sink space is limited (the Miniboil needs 212mm(W) x 272mm(D) x 338mm(H) but it does need the water filter to be installed as well).

Do you want the tap to produce Boiling and Chilled water?

For the combination of Boiling and Chilled water, you have a choice of 2 models, the DOMBC2 and the DOMBC3.

They are similar in price, and both come in a choice of 4 different finishes.

tapfinishChoose the DOMBC3 if you need slightly greater boiling water power (1.8kW compared to 1.7kW)  and slightly larger storage tank for the boiling water (2 litres rather than 1.8 litres).

Or choose the DOMBC2 if you don’t have room under your sink for a single tank the size of the DOMBC3 (385mm(W) x 380mm(D) x 338mm(H)) - the DOMBC2 comes with 2 separate units: one for the chilled water (which is 353mm(W) x 253mm(D) 337mm(H)) and one for the boiling water (which is 280mm(W) x 323mm(D) x 337mm(H)).

Do you want the tap to produce Boiling, Chilled and Sparkling water?

In that case, the DOMBCS is for you – this is only available in polished chrome.

Final comments

We hope that has made your choice of Zip Hydrotap models at least a little easier! The two other things to consider when choosing your tap is that, apart from the All-in-one tap, all other models can be located away from the sink, by using the optional font. This comes with its own mini sink, and is available in different finishes to match your tap. Part of the font kit is a tap extension which increases the height of the tap so it is easier to get jugs and pans underneath it.Independent boiling tap experts

And the other thing to consider is the issue of hard water and limescale. It is a problem in the majority of the UK, and we would always recommend fitting a limescale filter – we have written separately about that here.

For more information on boiling water taps in general and Zip in particular, read our Boiling Water Tap section.