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  • Biodrier Executive BE1000G hand dryer in gold

Biodrier Executive BE1000G hand dryer in gold

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"A very strong Airblade competitor, with additional features and a much better warranty."


Biodrier Executive BE1000G in gold - ultra high speed blade type hand dryer.

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The Biodrier Executive BE1000G is a breakthrough in hand drying. It uses a high power motor to create hot air that will dry your hands in ten seconds flat. It’s elegant, ultra-modern, and a joy to use. The Biodrier Executive is also better for the environment thanks to its low power consumption. And it’s much more hygienic than alternatives. A triple antibacterial grade 13 HEPA filter prevents the spread of bacteria and viruses, keeping the unit clean and hygienic at all times.

For more information including a downloadable installation guide, brochure and manual, click here for our Biodrier Executive Information page.

Features and Benefits

  • The Biodrier Executive BE1000G uses the heat from its own motor to provide the hot air required to dry the user’s hands. It does this using a compulsive air-cooling system. Heat is taken from its 35000 RPM motor and reaches a speed of 150m/s - So you save energy and money.
  • A high-speed vacuum motor saves energy as it consumes only 1200 watts of power.
  • 3 infrared sensors detect your hands and minimise energy loss by eliminating detection errors.
  • Touch-free activation technology, ensures maximum hygiene and minimum contamination
  • A grade 13 HEPA air filtration system enables 100% clean air: The hygienic filter consists of a prefilter, an antibacterial filter and HEPA filter. These protect against bacteria and helps combat viruses such as the corona and influenza viruses.
  • The exterior is made from burn proof ABS engineered plastic which is also both hard-wearing and rust proof. It protects from bacteria and viruses with Ionpure® antimicrobial coating.
  • Speed adjustment with two speed settings gives you greater control over the unit allowing you to save even more energy.
  • A Noise Absorption Module (NAM) minimises noise by absorbing air friction and mechanical sounds. The reduced noise level makes the unit more enjoyable to use and less of a distraction, helping to reduce stress in the workplace.
  • Lockable drip tray with LED indicator when full
  • A timer automatically shuts the dryer off after a set period.
  • A temperature sensor stops the motor at temperatures over 70C.
  • The ESC (Electric Shock Free Circuit) senses humidity inside the unit and shuts off the power when required.
  • The unit has a self-diagnosis function which monitors and reduces errors.
  • The unit automatically switches off after 22,000 cycles if the filter is not replaced.
  • Available in Silver, Gold, Blue and White

Biodrier gel blocks for the Executive and Business models

The exclusive gels for the Biodrier are sold in packs of 12 and each gel will last for around a month at a time. The gels are made from natural sources and are chemical-free. The Biodrier gel blocks perform three functions in one:

1. Adding the blocks to the unit will moisturise the user’s hands during use.

2. The blocks provide a sanitizer for the user and the Biodrier unit.

3. The blocks come in various fragrances and provide a fragrant aroma within the washroom.

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Additional Information

Name Biodrier Executive BE1000G hand dryer in gold
Product Code EDDBD109
Colour Other
Dry Time (secs) 10
Power (Watts) 1900
Noise Level (dB) 80
Warranty (years) 5
Air Speed (m/s) 150
Height (mm) 660
Width (mm) 330
Depth (mm) 230