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Boiling Taps

Boiling water advice

Boiling Water Taps

Having instant boiling water at the touch of a button, whether it is at home or in the office, has become the latest ‘must have’ appliance.

In a commercial environment, the amount of time (and therefore money) saved by not having queues of people hanging around for a kettle to boil can be huge, and despite the initial expense of some of the models available, some simple calculations will usually show that this will be repaid many times over. And if the choice is for a stylish boiling water tap, perhaps also capable of delivering instant chilled and even sparkling water (such as the Zip Taps range), then the image this portrays to visitors, customers and staff can be priceless.

Similarly, at home, although it is hard to attribute much in the way of cost savings to these appliances (despite average running costs being a lot better than a kettle, the hard fact is that it would take forever to recoup the purchase price) the timesaving and convenience factor is hard to underestimate.

Choosing the right manufacturer and model can be a bit daunting, when there are now so many manufacturers and types of instant boiling water appliances available.

In a commercial environment, the first choice to make is between the large wall or counter mounted dispenser and a more visually appealing tap, perhaps on its own ‘font’. Then deciding on the features and capacity, and of course that it fits your budget, should get you to the right model.

As you browse through the categories, you will find various guides and information sheets which should help inform your choice, but if there are any questions you would like to ask one of our experts, please do call on 01934 253600.