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Billi Taps

Billi boiling water taps

Billi Taps - Boiling, Chilled and Sparkling Water Taps

Billi are one of the few manufacturers that offer instant Boiling, Chilled and Sparkling Filtered Water for the home and workplace. They're also one of the leading manufacturers of high quality of drinking water dispensers, such as their range of Boiling & Chilled Filtered Water Taps (you can see these products below). Billi taps have been building a fantastic reputation for top quality products and after sales service since their launch into the market in the early 1990's.

The Billi Tap Range.

The Billi Eco and Billi Quadra represent the most popular section of the Billi tap range, providing the combination of instant boiling and chilled filtered water from a single tap, and a very compact single undersink unit.

The Quadra Plus taps deliver both instant boiling and chilled water from one tap, and hot and cold water from a separate mixer tap. This can provide huge savings in installation costs as well as ongoing running costs, and is ideal for office kitchens.

The Sahara taps deliver the combination of instant boiling water and filtered ambient water 

The Alpine Billi taps dispense chilled, filtered water.

All the Billi undersink units are extremely compact, and use unique water coolling technology: heat generated by the water refrigeration process is used to preheat the water entering the boiling tank. This does not just have a positive impact on the power consumption required, but it also means that additional cooling methods are not required - so there is no need, for example, to cut out vents in cupboard doors and floors. This results in both a better looking finished installation, and reduced installation costs.


 Billi Eco and Quadra

Billi Eco & Quadra

The Billi Eco and Quadra these provide boiling and chilled filter drinking water. All these system can be installed comfortably within a 500mm cupboard. Also these only require one feed of 13a power supply and one feed of cold water.This is the most popular section within the Billi range as it is generally what people look for within a kitchen something to produce instant Boiling and Chilled water.


 Billi Quadra Plus

Billi Quadra Plus

The Billi Quadra Plus comes as two taps the first tap provides the Boiling and Chilled water, the second tap is a mixer tap which provides hot and ambient water. The reason why Billi decide to keep the mixer tap separate to the boiling and chilled tap is for safety purposes, to avoid users accidentally washing their hands in boiling water when they were expecting hot water.


 Billi Quadra Sparkling

Billi Sparkling

The Billi Quadra Sparkling has two under sink units. One is used to provide the tap with Boiling water and the other provides the tap with the Chilled and Sparkling water. The one tap can provide you with Boiling, Chilled, Still and Sparkling water. Also available is the Billi Alpine Sparkling which only has one under sink unit.


 Billi Sahara

Billi Sahara

The Billi Sahara is a single tap providing Boiling and ambient (cold) filtered drinking water. This is very good if chilled water isn't necessary for you. Within this range there is the Sahara 310 and the Sahara 360, which produce 90 and 180 cups of boiling water per hour respectively with unlimited ambient water.


 Billi Sahara

Billi Alpine

The Billi Alpine is a completely different design to the rest of the Billi taps, as the Alpine has got a curved shape design more resembling an ordinary kitchen tap. This provides you with chilled and filtered water, from a compact under sink unit.


 Billi Accessories

Billi Accessories

The Billi Accessories include filters to prevent scale, and remove unpleasant tastes and dours from the water, as well as font to allow the taps to be situated away from the main sink. Different tap tops and colours are also available, and iInstallation services can be provided.