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Cheap Hand Dryers

Cheap Hand Dryers

Everyone is always looking for ways to save money, and the fact is that compared to the use of paper towels, even for situations that are classified as 'extremely low usage', it is probable that a modern hand dryer will save you money.

But in business, most people also know that buying the wrong thing can cost a lot more in the long run. So although there are plenty of good, cheap hand dryers available, as you can see from the page here, none of these are recommended for an environment of more than 100 uses per day. And many of them will have dry-times which are quite long, and so could result in queues in your washrooms (or people just walking out without drying their hands). It is also unusual to find warranties in this section which are either long, or ‘on-site’ – so any faults will be dealt with by returning the unit to the manufacturer.

Having said that, the quality and performance of cheap hand dryers in this price bracket (i.e. sub £100 ex VAT) has increased significantly over the last few years. In fact our favourites, such as the JETBOX Junior and the Handy Dryers Antillo are genuinely great, cheap hand dryers, at remarkable prices.

So whilst we certainly recommend these dryers in the right situations, do make sure you are buying the most suitable dryer you can for your particular requirements. To be sure of that, please do call us on 01934 253600 to have a chat.


So in the right circumstances, these cheap hand dryers can also be considered bargain hand dryers, but you should also make sure you are aware of what you are NOT getting if you choose a product at this end of the price market.

For example, as mentioned above, these ‘discount’ dryers will not do well in high usage areas. This is for 2 reasons – one is that their drying time is typically longer than a more expensive dryer. This means that you may get longer queues in the washrooms for the hand dryer if you have any significant usage. And also, the components used are not intended for near-continuous use, so their lifespan will be reduced.

Connected to this is the fact that the warranty offered will be a ‘return-to-base’ warranty. This means if the unit does break down, you’ll need to disconnect it and return it to the manufacturer for repair. The length of the warranty, of course will also likely be a lot less than a more expensive model. It is when things like this happen that a cheap hand dryer is not longer a bargain hand dryer!