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Zip Tap Accessories

Zip Hydrotap Fonts

A Zip Hydrotap font allows you to install your Zip Hydrotap away from a sink, making the whole system much more flexible. In fact, using the drainless font allows you to also situate it away from a waste outlet as well, so that the only connections you need are cold water and electricity.

The most common font model is the ZT004, which fits all Zip models except the Miniboil Elite and the Industrial Hydrotap.

The Font consists of a bowl covered by a grid, and a lower tap extension, onto which the Hydrotap is fixed. This has the effect of raising the tap by 100mm, allowing containers such as jugs to be placed below the tap spout, compensating for the fact that they cannot be placed in the sink.

For this reason, it is obviously very important that the font colour is the same as your tap!

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