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Is there a cheap alternative to a Megaflo Cylinder?

Since 1993, Heatrae Sadia have produced what has become the benchmark in high quality, reliable, durable unvented hot water cylinders: The Megaflo Cylinder range.

Known pretty much everywhere, the brand seems to have become the ‘Hoover’ of the water heating world, the name being synonymous with innovation and performance.

However, customers often ask us if there is anything similar at a lower price and the answer to this is a very straightforward ‘Yes’.Heatrae Sadia Megaflo alternative hot water cylinder

We are now offering the Joule range of hot water cylinders. Joule provide a similar amount of choice including direct and indirect units including solar versions, horizontal models along with pre-plumbed and system boilers amongst their offering.

Another reason to look closely at the Joule Cyclone products is that they offer many of their popular sized units in short versions - a massive help if there is limited headroom where the installation is to take place.

Sizes range from 100L up to 500L as standard stock in most types, although pretty much anything is available to order if required, including 3 phase immersion elements for commercial applications.

All in all, we believe that these products present themselves as serious challengers to the Megaflo range, and not surprisingly at the time of writing, Joule are currently billed as the fastest growing cylinder manufacturer.Joule preplumbed indirect cylinder

Despite the title of this article, we don’t particularly like the word ‘cheap’, however we currently have some great offers to help entice a typical Megaflo purchaser to switch over to Joule, and to get the best price around, it’s always a good idea to call and speak to one of our Joule specialists at Electrical Deals Direct: not only for great advice, but they’re always willing to work hard to get you an even better deal!

Please call us on 01934 253600, we love a good haggle.