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ETL Listing Achieved by JETBOX Eco

The JETBOX Eco high speed hand dryer is now officially listed on the UK Government’s Energy Technology List (ETL) in the hand dryer category. This means that all purchases qualify for improved tax treatment, allowing the full cost to be written off as a valid business expense against corporation tax in the first year of ownership.

This is also known as an ECA (Enhanced Capital Allowance) and means that switching from paper towels to a modern, low energy hand dryer is even more financially advantageous.

As the requirements of achieving ETL compliance gets tougher each year, many products which used to be listed have been removed. The JETBOX Eco takes its place alongside only a handful of other dryers, including those From Dyson, Excel and Mitsubishi. To check the listing of the JETBOX, click here and to view all hand dryers compliant with the requirements of the ETL, go to this page and search for high speed hand dryers.

One of the particularly compelling features of the JETBOX Eco in this regard is the adjustability feature. On installation, a rotary switch can be set to increase or decrease the power consumption of the hand dryer. This allows for a winter/summer setting, or for it to be tuned to the typical ambient temperature of the washroom. And of course, it also means that the volume level of the dryer can be controlled. This is a very important feature in many customer environments, since the decibel ratings specified by manufacturers are usually obtained in special sound-proof chambers which bear no resemblance to a normal operating environment (i.e. a washroom).

For more information on the JETBOX Eco and the other dryers in the JETBOX range, visit this page  or call us at Electrical Deals Direct and speak to one of our hand dryer experts: as the independent supplier of more than 15 different hand dryer brands to the UK market, you can be assured of unbiased advice to make sure you buy exactly the right hand dryer for your requirements.