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Free Warranty Upgrade on All Mitsubishi Hand Dryers

WarrantyThrough Electrical Deals Direct, you are now able to obtain a free upgrade of the Warranty on all Mitsubishi Hand Dryers purchased from today onwards. Usually this warranty is set at 3 years, but we are now able to offer it for a full 5 years from the date of purchase.

We have found that a 5 year warranty has very big appeal to our customers. The thought that you can install a hand dryer and know that you will not have any repair fees for 5 years is very comforting to most people, and because we know that the new range of Mitsubishi hand dryers is extremely reliable, we are more than confident in offering such an extended guarantee.

It is a parts & labour 'swap-out' warranty, which ensures that you will not be without a working hand dryer for any longer than necessary.

This offer applies to both the new ‘Slim’ range of Mitsubishi dryers, which are the highly advanced, latest version of their famous ‘Hands-In’ dryer, as well as the ‘Smart’ dryer which is the new ‘hands-under’ blade dryer. The Smart dryer is proving to be extremely successful recently, and we have found where customers take one on trial to compare against other dryers, it always comes out on top.

Mitsubishi Hand Dryers on the ETL

This offer comes on top of the recent announcement that the Mitsubishi dryers are now listed as qualifying for the Enhanced Capital Allowance awarded for all members of the Energy Technology List of the UK government. This means that the full purchase price of the dryers may be written down in the first year of ownership, and is of significant benefit to all companies.

Interestingly, the qualification criteria for the ECA have been getting tougher, as technology has enabled hand dryers to become more efficient. This means that certain popular hand dryers are now NOT on the list (such as the Dyson Airblade AB14), so it is worth checking the list before you purchase any hand dryer, if conformance is important.