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Hand Dryer Splashbacks and Driplates – are they important?

Why would I need a hand dryer splashback?

A hand dryer splashback is a wall guard that has been specifically designed to suit any wall mounted hand dryer. There are many different benefits for investing in a splashback. Splash marks, water drips and wet hand prints are some of the disadvantages of using a hand dryer, especially on modern dryers which blast the water off hands rather than evaporating it.

Splashbacks are a sensible choice because they protect the wall surface under the hand dryer. If water gets splashed onto a painted wall it will more than likely stain and in cases when the wall is in contact with excessive water, the wall could be permanently damaged.

Microbial growth is kept to a minimum by the carefully designed layer on the external outer surface of the splashback. A wet damaged wall beneath a hand dryer is a haven for bacteria, installing a splashback would prevent any hygiene problems.

Installation is designed to make it an easy and stress free experience for the installer. The splashback comes with pre drilled mounting holes and screw covers, preventing stains of damp and protecting the original wall. These high quality splash backs are available in both brushed chrome and polished chrome to match any hand dryer.

What about a driplate?

The main purpose of a driplate is to capture and collect excess water. As users dry their hands in a hands-in hand dryer, the driplate will catch the excess water and store it there. In a similar way that a splashback prevents the wall under the dryer from getting wet, a driplate prevents this in a hands in dryer. As a result of this the wall will remain clean and no one will need to clean the area beneath the hand dryer.

Driplates are intended to fit perfectly onto Dyson hand dryers AB14 in white and AB14 in grey (most other hands-under dryers have built-in trays to catch the water). Installation of this product onto the hand dryer is simple. The installation screws will be concealed when the driplate is clicked on top and into place. The tray can effortlessly be clicked off of the wall for ease of emptying and cleaning.

The material used on the driplate is impact resistant and despite its robust material this doesn’t alter on its sleek design, available in a white or grey finish. The exterior is coated in anti-microbial silver-ion impregnated ABS surface inhibits any microbial growth.

For further information about splashbacks, driplates or hand dryers please call one of our hand dryer experts on 01934 253600 or instantly chat to a real life person on the live chat feature now.