hd10For anyone in any doubt, a ‘Hands-In’ hand dryer is a dryer used by putting your hands into it – usually straight downwards, rather than underneath it. This style was made popular in the UK by the enormous success of the Dyson Airblade, although interestingly, the concept was invented by Mitsubishi several years earlier.

(If you are as obsessed by hand dryers as we are, then click here to read more about the first Mitsubishi Jet Towel prototype!)

Since then, however many newcomers have arrived in the market and there are now hands-in dryers which arguably out-perform the pioneering models either in terms of functionality or price. Here, then is a short-list of the most popular hands-in dryers available in the UK market today:

Dyson Airblade AB14

As one of the most highly priced hand dryers available, it really needs to out-perform the competition, and although it is an excellent dryer in many respects, and it has been incrementally improved over the years, there are still some downsides which we hear a lot from customers. The biggest one is that it does not have a drip tray, and so whatever is blasted off people’s wet and soapy hands, can end up on the floor, especially in an area of high use. Dyson Dyson AB14 Airbladeassure us that this is design FEATURE – because it is better on the floor where it can be cleaned up than in a drip-tray where germs may multiply. We strongly DISAGREE with this – we feel that the health and safety implications of mess on a washroom floor far outweigh the bacteria risk,
especially when adding antibacterial tablets to a drip tray solves the problem completely. Also – consider the fact that EVERY OTHER hands-in dryer on the market DOES have a drip try.
The second issue is the noise level. Dyson’s powerful motor is very loud. Despite the new model being less loud than its predecessor it is still one of the loudest hand dryers available.

But despite all of that, the Airblade AB14 is the best-selling hands-in dryer in the UK today, by a large margin, and there is certainly no doubt that the brand carries a certain cachet and reputation.

The Mitsubishi Jet Towel

This is the original and much improved hands-in dryer which by allowing the heating element to be turned off, and the speed of the motor to be turned down, can claim one of the lowest power consumption figures in its class, running at just 550 watts. On top of this, it is a well built and well-supported hand dryer, which adds style to any washroom. It has only made serious inroads into the UK market in recent years, but has been a big seller elsewhere in the world for many years.Mitsubishi Jet Towel

Its noise levels are excellent.

It is not the cheapest hands-in dryer, but this fairly reflects its quality and reputation.

The Biodrier Business2

Biodrier actually have 3 different hands-in models, but here we’ll concentrate on the Business2 (to be honest we bang on about how good Biodrier are all the time, so not including all of the Biodrier models doesn’t make us feel too guilty).business2 hand dryer from Biodrier

If you are comparing the Business2 against the Dyson Airblade, it wins hands down on price, noise levels, and warranty (the Biodrier offer the best warranty of ANY hand dryer brand in the country). On top of this, it offers a unique combination of additional features – a driptray, air-freshening capability, and adjustable power setting. The combination of all this make it our favourite hands-in dryer.



We hope that has clarified the strengths and weaknesses of the most popular hands-in hand dryers available today, and if you need any more advice please do not hesitate to call one of our experts on 01934 253600.