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What is the Dyson Airblade Warranty?

WarrantyThe Dyson Airblade warranty offered by Dyson is an important factor to consider when purchasing your new hand dryer, and because it varies according to the model of Airblade, it can be a bit confusing. Below, we set out exactly which model carries which Dyson Airblade warranty, and how to make sure you can take advantage of the warranty cover if you need to.

The warranty varies according to which of the 3 model groups your Airblade belongs to:



  1. The Dyson HU02 Warranty

The HU02 (also known as the Dyson Airblade V, and previous models of which were known as the AB08 and the AB12) carries the best warranty of all of the available models. When compared to all other hand dryer warranties, we would certainly classify this as ‘excellent’.

It is a 5 year replacement warranty. This means that if anything goes wrong with your Dyson Airblade HU02 which falls under the warranty, you simple contact Dyson and they wiDyson Airblade V HU02 hand dryerll send a replacement unit. In fact, they expect that any phone call received by them before 2pm will mean you receive either phone support to fix the problem or the replacement dryer by the next working day, which is a superb service.

Further, because the design of the HU02 enables the front part of the dryer to be simply unscrewed and disconnected, the replacement process is extremely easy and can be completed in a minute or two.

  1. The Dyson AB14 Warranty

The AB14, or the ‘hands-in’ Airblade, has a 5 year warranty. The first year includes parts and labour, and the remaining 4 years cover parts only. So if anything fails in the first year, a Dyson engineer will visit your site and replace or repair the dryer. For the next 4 years, they will send you any replacement parts necessary, or will send an engineer but you will be liable for the labour costs involved in the repair.


  1. The Dyson Tap Hand Dryer Warranty

The Dyson Tap hand dryers (that means the AB09, AB10 and AB11 models numbers) carry a full 5 year parts and labour warranty.





With any Dyson Airblade, we strongly advise you do these 2 things to make sure your Airblades are looked after:

  1. Register your products.

On installation of your products, you should either complete the registration form included with your products and send them back to Dyson, or go to this web page and complete it. (You will need your serial numbers).

  1. Look after your hand dryer.

Apart from regular cleaning, this also means changing the filter when required. We have a separate article on this in our Advice Centre, but basically, the biggest problem we hear about is that the machine does not seem to be performing as well as it did when it was first installed – and this is usually down to needing a new HEPA filter.

For more information on these filters or a discussion of the Dyson Airblade warranty and how it compares to others, feel free to call us on 01934 253600 – at Electrical Deals Direct we’re always happy to talk hand dryers to anyone who will listen!