Dyson_hand_dryer_bannerIn a high usage area, owners of Dyson Airblades frequently wonder why they get a considerable amount of drips on the floor area around the hand dryer.

Is my Dyson Airblade broken?

The fact is that this is not a fault with the dryer, it is the intended, designed behaviour. Dyson have decided that it is better to let the excess water, as it is scraped from the hands, end up on the floor rather than collect it.

Once on the floor, it will be dealt with during the course of the normal washroom hygiene procedure. And of course, if you have a high-usage environment and do not have a regular washroom cleaning regime then that is another problem entirely.

Should I use a drip tray?

As Dyson point out, their hygiene rating is based on the functionality of the dryer, and this means that not allowing the storage of dirty water is an important element of that certification. If you 'fix' this issue by using a drip tray, the combination of the dryer and drip tray effectively no longer has that certification.

However, if you decide that you do want a drip tray, the good news is that there is one available (though not from Dyson themselves, of course). The Dyson Airblade drip tray has been specifically designed to solve this problem by catching these drips before they reach the floor, and storing them in its reservoir. This tray is then emptied on a regular basis (but of course this will not require emptying anywhere near the same frequency as the floor would need cleaning).drip_plate

The drip tray is attached to the wall underneath the Dyson Airblade, and is colour-matched to give a coordinated look. It has a simple ‘click-in / click-out’ design for emptying, and is made from silver-ion impregnated ABS to inhibit bacterial growth. With the optional ‘Hygiene pack’, you also get anti-bacterial tablets to place in the tray, and gloves to use when emptying.

So it is certainly an argument with 2 sides - but the existence of the drip tray does at least mean you have the choice. If in any doubt, do give one of our hand dryer experts a call on 01934 253600 for a chat: we're always happy to advise.