Herschel Infrared heaters

Herschel Infrared heaters come in many different variants from wall panels to mirrors, outdoor space heaters and ceiling mounted domes that emit heat by using infrared waves. The feeling of infrared heating and the way the waves work is different to standard heating found in most homes or outdoor spaces.



Common ways of heating like radiators, panel heaters and storage heaters use what is called convection to heat the air in a room. As heat rises, the highest part of a room is heated first, where the air is then gradually circulated, mostly uncontrollably, down to the lower parts of the room where it eventually cools down. This type of heating means objects don’t tend to absorb the heat, and air quickly escapes through windows or doors that are opened and closed throughout the day. Convector heaters release dust when used as the heat rises carrying the particles into the air, which can cause health problems for people with asthma for example.

Infrared heating is different – it uses radiant heat. This directly heats objects in the room

instead of the air. Objects like chairs, sofas, tables etc will absorb this heat and gradually release the heat in your home. As radiant heating heats the fabric of the building, it helps to keep out damp areas reducing the risk of mold as the heated areas stay dry.
Infrared heating is also a great option for outdoor areas. This is because of the radiant heat that heats the objects and not the air around them. Having an infrared heating system outside would mean people would directly feel the heat on their skin rather than feeling the air getting warmer, which is far more natural – replicating the feeling of the Sun’s heat.

The Herschel range of infrared heating is large, with units for domestic environments like the Inspire series, and also the Aspect series, which takes infrared heating outside for pubs, cafes and other public spaces. One of their most popular and aesthetically pleasing models for outside heating is the Pulsar.

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