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How to buy School Hand Dryers

Buying the right hand dryers for schools or colleges comes with its own set of challenges. Here at Electrical Deals Direct we want to make sure the right hand dryer is purchased at the best price whilst not compromising on the output or drying time. There are many factors to take into consideration when purchasing a hand dryer, especially one that is suitable for the use of children.

Hands-in or hands under?

When it comes to a hands in or hands under hand dryer it usually comes down to cost. Hands under dryers and more cost effective and more appealing to schools or colleges where spending funds may be restricted. Perhaps the most important physical issue to consider is that a hands-in dryer will take up more space than a hands-under, and it will be sitting lower on the wall. A lot of people prefer the design of a hands-in dryer, but for small children they’re not always practical because of their height.

Button or no button?

An antimicrobial coating helps to keep the spread of germs at bay and this basic protection measure defends users from touching any bad bacteria.  A push button on a hand dryer does not have this protection and therefore a no button hand dryer is more hygienic and prevents the transition of germs and bacteria.

Are hand dryers economical?

A hand dryer purchase qualifies as a fixed asset, unlike paper towels that are classified as an expensive expense. The fact is that any school still using paper towels in its washrooms is throwing away up to £600 a year. In the long run hand dryers are more economical that paper towels. On top of the expense, paper towels are not recyclable and go straight to landfill.

Are hand dryers robust?

Most hand dryers come with either a durable plastic coating or an aluminium cast casing. It is important to take into consideration the type of person using the hand dryer before purchasing to make sure the hand dryer has the appropriate protection.

Is sound important?

Modern hand dryers can offer the best of both worlds, with low noise ratings and quick drying times. Low noise levels are an important factor to take into consideration, especially when children are involved because young children can find loud hand dryers too noisy making their hand dryer experience unpleasant. For older students quiet hand dryers are important for different reasons: around exam times or when washrooms are near lecture halls it is essential that sound from the hand dryers does not pass through to adjoining rooms.

For more information on hand dryers for school, colleges or any other use please call one of our hand dryer experts on 10934 253600.