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New Hand Dryer Buying Guide – 2017 version now released.

Free ebook on how to buy the best hand dryer for your requirements.The Hand Dryer Buying Guide was originally released at the start of 2016 with the intention of making sure purchasers of hand dryers were fully clued up on what they were about to buy. It was full of information on areas such as noise levels, warranty information and running costs – all things which many people are blissfully unaware of when they make a purchase. Ignoring these things can all too often lead to dissatisfaction later, when it is too late to change your mind without incurring some pretty huge costs.

It also included a ‘quick recommendations’ section for those people who did not want to wade through all the detail.

All of this has now been updated for new models and improvements in existing product ranges, and reissued for 2017. There are links to it from all of our hand dryer product pages, and you can also find it by clicking here and saving the document as a PDF file.Free How to Buy the Best Hand Dryer ebook.

One thing which is particularly difficult for many people to judge accurately is the overall quality of the dryer, especially when there are now several leading brands which have been copied in design by cheaper imports. Determining whether to buy the more expensive or cheaper model is never a straightforward question, and needs some careful consideration of exactly how it will be used, alongside such things as the warranty period and the running costs.

We’ll continue to update the Hand Dryer Buying Guide with all the new information as we get it, and if there is any more information you would like to see in it just let us know. For more information on any dryer or to talk through your specific requirements, feel free to pick up the phone and call one of our hand dryer experts on 01934 253600.